We wrote this book to help and educate new routesetters. Our early struggle as setters made me realise the need to advocate the further professionalisation of routesetting, firm in our belief that it is a wonderful profession that deserves greater recognition.

In 1990 around the age of 16 I set my first lead route. In those days we set with Allen keys, we only had PE holds and no volumes to create our routes. Routesetting back then was considered a hobby and somehow even today a lot of gyms don't see it as a real profession in its own right.

Flash forward a couple of years, we kept setting as volunteers in various gyms and kept pushing for professionalism and decent payment. Finally around 2009 we could successfully start our career as professional freelance setters. We work closely with the Belgian team, as setters for competition simulations and for national and international championships. We also teach beginner and advanced courses for setters that want to improve their skills.

We hope this book helps new routesetters and climbers understand more about routesetting.